Video Production
We're passionate about creating films and video content that stands out from the crowd. From local businesses to international brands we help our clients deliver their message exactly how they need it, when they need it. Our friendly team always delivers a captivating production on time and within budget.





Our team consists of friendly, young, talented individuals who are all passionate about video. They work for us because they have proven that they break the mould of video production - they have the ability to concieve awesome concepts and throw away the video templates that other video production companies work to. We look at every indiviudal project differently and make sure we get your message across in a way that speaks to your audeince.

All of our departments are in-house, this means that we have the ability intergrate any of our digital media services in our productions. This not only stops us having headaches from dealing with suppliers, but also means that we deliver all of our services quicker and cheaper than our competitors.

Video for Web

We help businesses and individuals implement video in to their websites, launch their content across social networks as well as optimise videos for SEO and video-sharing platforms.

Corporate Video

Corporate video doesnt have to be boring! We create cutting-edge films for businesses of all sizes. From CEO interviews and customer case studies right through to global corporate branding films and presentations.

Online TV

We produce Online TV channels for a variety of clients, from independent action sports website to industy leading video-game companies, we provide everything from filming and editing to presenters and graphics pacakges.

Production Services

We offer our production services on a freelance basis to video companies and agencies. Our camera crew, editors, colourists, motion graphics artists and 3D designers are all available for work as a team or as individuals, on-location or from our studio in Reading.

Pre-roll adverts

Short. Sharp. To the point. Their is an art to getting your message across in under 15 seconds, whether re-editing full TV adverts or producing a new ad-campaign we can help maximise the value of pre-roll advertisement.

Behind the Scenes Video

We offer behind the scenes videos for feature films, documentaries and music videos. Capturing the process of the film making, the atmosphere on set as well as cast & crew interviews. These can be edited for production blogs online or in to documentaries that accompany the film.